deshidratado tipo pasa>"For those who want to eat healthy. The X-prim dehydrated banana pleases the demanding palates. It will become the finishing touch of your meals; dessert always will ask. The perfect complement to your cereal. It contains no added sugar. "

High in minerals, especially potash AND MAGNESIUM. Rich in total fiber and insoluble (9%). Can be used: As a snack. When dehydrated banana yields a very digestive food that promotes the secretion of gastric juices, therefore used in the diets of people affected by intestinal disorders and that of young children. To add to cereal, with a glass of milk. Ideal for athletes because of its high energy content of different sugars: glucose, maltose, fructose and sucrose, nonfat, rich in fiber and vitamin B group. Banana variety “Giant Dwarf”, comes from yellow bananas, mature, creamy white flesh, clean, in good condition and 100% natural; caliente.Los air dried bananas are dehydrated protein source, Vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and antioxidants; for this reason they are considered as components of functional foods or ingredients.

One can say that the dehydrated banana is like an energy bar and also is 100% natural.
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The dehydrated bananas should have a dark brown appearance, and the display may have “integers” chopped or sliced ​​as. Its texture is soft, with a sweet taste. Drying Method, Dried with hot air
To fill in 500 a 600 Kg per week of a variety of native plantain or chifle, in the polypropylene bag cellophane, food grade. Presentations 30g, 50g, 100g, 200g and bulk.
tipo pasa

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