sal-y-limon“Enjoy a rich and healthy banana fritters served with spicy sauce ... the snack in the afternoons”

High in minerals, especially POTASSIUM and MAGNESIUM. Crunchy Bananas salt and lemon, will become the favorite snack of your guests, your party will be a success. Forget the chips, churritos, junk snack. Surprise your palate with new taste experiences. Enjoy alone or with your preferred hot sauce. Salt and Lemon Crunchy Bananas a rich source of energy. Plátano macho green, that comes from healthy plants and clean, in good condition and 100% natural, dehydrated with hot oil to cool and adding citric acid and sodium.

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The fried green plantains should have a yellow appearance, their cuts are oval shaped and sliced, of 2 a 2.5 mm thick strips diameter 2 a 3.5 cm. EI will be cut prior to dehydrate bananas at the end of the process more uniform size. The texture is dry and crunchy; Taste Saladito. Drying Method, Dried with hot cooking oil.
To fill in 500 a 600 Kg per week of a variety of native plantain or chifle, in the polypropylene bag cellophane, food grade. Presentations 30g, 50g, 100g, 200g and bulk.

  • Chips de plátano con sal y limón
  • Chips de plátano dulce
  • Chips de plátano con caramelo
  • Plátano deshidratado tipo pasa
  • Plátano deshidratado con chamoy
  • Harina de plátano