quienes-somosMi Ranchito Bananas, S P.R of R.L.

mi ranchito bananas

The 9 January 2009 society was formed with the participation of 7 women entrepreneurs, to engage in the cultivation of bananas to offer it to the market as fresh fruit. Subsequently, the decision to build a plant in the garden to give added value to the fruit and thus have the choice to go ahead with this crop.

Mi Ranchito Bananas, S P.R of R.L. is a product developed in research and quality by the School of Marketing at the University of Colima, CIATEJ (Center for Research and Assistance in Technology and Design Jalisco) and support of the Ministry of Economic Development Colimas state through mixed funds Conacyt Colima.

Did you know that in Guadalajara during the 2008, weight of each paid by consumers, I barely touched the producer between $0.15 and $0.20 cvs. per kilo sold, while intermediaries obtained from $0.80 a $0.85 cvs.?