Deshidratado tipo pasa"Kids will love the taste of Chamito Chamoy Bananas; consiéntelos with something delicious, without guilt ... You know you are eating a food rich in potassium. "

High in minerals, especially potassium and magnesium. The children's favorite flavor. Forget the junk food, consent to your children with a healthy and rich in fiber and also will love. Made with naturally dried banana, rich source of energy and also low in fat. Ripe plantain, that comes from healthy plants and clean, in good condition and 100% natural, dried with hot air bathed chamoy.

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The dried ripe plantains and topped with chamoy must have a reddish appearance, their cuts are oval shaped and sliced, of 2 a 2.5 mm the grosor. The cut will be prior to dehydrate bananas at the end of the process more uniform size. Its texture is soft and slightly picosita; Sweet taste with spicy. Drying Method, Dried with hot air.
To fill in 500 a 600 Kg per week of a variety of native plantain or chifle, in the polypropylene bag cellophane, food grade. Presentations 30g, 50g, 100g, 200g and bulk.

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