harina“Enjoy its distinctive taste and enjoy all its benefits”

The high resistant starch content (in a range of 79 a 95%), in the green fruit of banana and plantain, Current knowledge and positive impact on the health status derived from ingestion of starch, has made in recent decades has increased the interest in determining the physical properties, chemical and functional properties of banana flour and starch.

informacion nutrimental harinaIt is possible to incorporate banana flour in bread making cash, at least one level of substitution 25% wheat flour.

Preparing a flour which is soft and aromatic, nutritious, easily digestible, very appropriate for individuals weakened, sick and dying and is superior to all other flours.

There is a food so completely appropriate for infants as good banana flour, can not imagine a drug made by the clinic is in a better position to cure dyspepsia, gastralgias, dysentery and other diseases of the stomach.


Use and recommends banana flour Mi Ranchito Bananas in preparing your meals and become a professional chef.

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