caramelo"Exquisite banana slices topped with caramel"

High in minerals, especially POTASSIUM and MAGNESIUM. Satisfy your cravings and hunger between meals; Forget the chips, churritos, cookies, etc. Enjoy Sweet Bananas with a glass of milk or add it to your favorite cereal. Sweet Bananas is a healthy snack rich in fiber. Plátano macho, that comes from healthy plants and clean, in good condition and 100% natural, dried with hot oil and topped with sucrose.

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The caramel bananas should have a bright yellow appearance, their cuts are oval shaped and sliced, of 2 a 2.5 mm thick strips diameter 2 a 3.5 cm. The cut will be prior to dehydrate bananas at the end of the process more uniform size. The texture is dry and crunchy; Candy Flavor. Drying Method, Dried with hot cooking oil.
To fill in 500 a 600 Kg per week of a variety of native plantain or chifle, in the polypropylene bag cellophane, food grade. Presentations 30g, 50g, 100g, 200g and bulk.

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  • Chips de plátano dulce
  • Chips de plátano con caramelo
  • Plátano deshidratado tipo pasa
  • Plátano deshidratado con chamoy
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