Banana chips with salt and lemon


“Enjoy a rich and healthy banana fritters served with spicy sauce ... the snack in the afternoons” High in minerals, especially POTASSIUM and MAGNESIUM. Crunchy Bananas salt and lemon, will become the favorite snack of your guests, your party will be a success. Forget the chips, churritos, junk snack. Sorprende a tu paladar […]

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Chips plátano dulce


“If you want to taste different things, sweet frying our presentation you will love” Crunchy Bananas Dulce is a snak healthy and rich in fiber. High in minerals, especially potassium and magnesium. Forget the chips, Churros, cookies ... Imagine a portion of Crunchy Bananas Dulce, topped with condensed milk mmm sure will love. […]

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Banana with caramel chips


“Exquisitas rodajas de plátano cubiertas con caramelo” Alto contenido en minerales, especially POTASSIUM and MAGNESIUM. Satisfy your cravings and hunger between meals; Forget the chips, churritos, cookies, etc. Enjoy Sweet Bananas with a glass of milk or add it to your favorite cereal. Sweet Bananas is a healthy snack rich in fiber. Plátano macho, […]

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