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MI Ranchito Bananas Present in saltillo

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The anti-cancer properties of ripe banana

Japanese scientists have found queun fully ripe banana produces a substance called TNF which has the ability to combat abnormal cells and improve immunity against cancer. According to a Japanese scientific research, fully ripe bananas with dark spots on a very yellow skin produces a substance called "tumor necrosis factor" […]

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Tecomenses Entrepreneurs meet with authorities for submitting INADEM and SME Fund 2013

President of the Institute of the Entrepreneur nacionl, the Secretary for Economic Development and the Mayor of Tecomán, Tito Vazquez. In meeting with Lilia Aguirre director of Mi Ranchito Betancourt Bananas and entrepreneurs tecomenses, they discussed , where I talk about on draft plantain flour.

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Colima banana meet with the state governor

Colima banana meet with the state governor to explain the situation of their fellow banana, which also exposed the actions implemented to improve the crop, also had productive projects such as banana flour.

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Colima banana producers plan to export to Russia and Asia

Due to good banana production in Colima, and are mainly exported to the U.S. and continental European countries such as Spain. This has enabled new markets such as Russia and other Asian countries, said the president of the Regional Union of Banana, Bone Francisco Alcaraz, who noted that the quality of the fruit […]

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