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“On behalf of all members of Mi Ranchito Bananas, they give a warm and enthusiastic welcome to our website, where you will find information about the different options of food like banana flour by high resistant starch (in a range of 79 a 95%) in the green fruit of banana and plantain, Current knowledge and positive impact on the health status derived from ingestion of starch, has made in recent decades has increased the interest in determining the physical properties, chemical and functional flour; snacks like chips or banana chips with salt and lemon, confectionery, caramelized, with chili powder and banana “pass” dehydrated maintains a large proportion of its original nutritional value.


Not to mention that by other chips or banana chips are naturally ready to accompany your main meal, providing a delicious and healthy energy content. You can serve it with a delicious cheese dip, chicken tuna, a tasty guacamole, cream cheese or jam and various options will depend on your imagination.

We sincerely appreciate the interest in our products and we take this opportunity to wish you the best in experience they will enjoy any of the presentations we produce bananas. Enjoy!”

  • Chips de plátano con sal y limón
  • Chips de plátano dulce
  • Chips de plátano con caramelo
  • Plátano deshidratado tipo pasa
  • Plátano deshidratado con chamoy
  • Harina de plátano

Meet our rich and nutritious botanitas!

You can find our products in all stores and Super Bodega Aurrera Kiosko state of Colima and Jalisco. If you are interested in purchasing our product offering or you can find us at the following address and telephone: H. Military College #38-4 – Col., Center, C.P. 28100 Tecomán, Colima – Such. (313) 32 449 95.

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